What Is Software? Explain The Types Of Software

Software is a group of programs through which computers perform tasks.  All those parts of computer which can be seen but cannot be touched are called computer software.  Example:- MS Office, Antivirus, Notepad, Wordpad etc.

You must be using mobile and computer, but you know that without software, mobile and computer are like an empty box.  If there is no software in the computer and mobile, then the user cannot use the computer, just as water is important for fish, in the same way software is important for a computer system.

Today we are going to give you complete information about what is software through this post, so let’s start.

What is software?

Software is a set of instructions and programs that are used to perform and operate specific tasks in a computer. Software is such an important part of a computer without which the computer is like a plastic box.

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The way we can see and touch the hardware part of the computer, in the same way we cannot see and touch the software because it does not have a physical existence, it can only be felt and understood.

A group of programs is called software.  Software is created to perform a specific task in a computer.

For example, like a computer is made of two things, one is hardware and the other is software, so understand that our hands, feet, eyes, ears are the hardware of our body, which we can touch, see and love.  All these are software of our body which we can only feel but cannot touch.

 If we consider hardware as the body of the computer, then software can be called the brain of the computer, just as a person does not exist without a brain, in the same way a computer without software is considered dead.

Definition of Software

Software is known by the name of computer software, it is a group of programs, it gives some instructions to get the work done in the computer, the group of these instructions is called computer program, software plays a very big and important role, even if the user wants the computer  But can’t work without software.

Software requirement

The functions a software can perform depend on the purpose for which it is designed, such as system software used to manage files installed in a computer, calculator, used to calculate numbers,  All this is a software.

Apart from this, Android iOS, Linux, Windows etc. are all operating systems which are a type of software.  All these operate our computer and whatever you are able to do through your mobile and computer, you are able to do it only with the help of a software.  So overall its work depends on what the software is designed for.

As you all know, the computer is made up of hardware and software, if the software is removed from it, then the computer will remain like a box, this box will not work until the operating system is loaded in it, its simple  Meaning that it is mandatory to have an operating system to do anything in the computer.

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How to make software?

To make software, you have to learn many programming languages, through which you can make software according to your need, you cannot become an expert in all languages, but you can definitely learn Java, C, C ++ in these languages.  Commands should be good.

Types of Software

Although there are many types of software, but mainly it is divided into 3 categories, whose information will be explained in detail below.

  1.  System software
  2.  Application software
  3.  Utility software

1. System Software

System software is computer software that manages and controls hardware resources so that application software can complete its work. It is the main part of a computer system. Operating system is an example of this.

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System software is the software through which communication takes place between computer and hardware.  Such as operating system, device driver, language translator etc.

It controls computer programs and communicates with hardware parts, controls and monitors the CPU and memory, and provides an environment for application software to run.

There are many more examples of system software –

  •  Operating System
  •  Device Driver
  •  assembler
  •  Compiler and Interpreter

Operating System

Operating System is the first computer software that is loaded after the computer starts. It is an important software for booting the computer. It is not only necessary for booting the computer but also for running other applications and utility software in the computer.

The operating system handles many of the tasks related to updating the computer and the software required for the computing device to operate.


  •  iOS,
  •  MACOS,
  •  Linux
  •  Unix,
  •  android,
  •  Windows

Device Driver

Hardware parts need a special type of software to communicate with the computer, which we call device drivers, which work together with the operating system, such as when we connect the keyboard to the computer, the keyboard will function properly.  For this, the computer already has a keyboard driver.


  •  USB Drivers
  •  printer drivers,
  •  motherboard drivers,
  •  network adapter drivers,
  •  ROM Drivers
  •  VGA Drivers

 What is assembler? 

The computer could only understand the program written in machine language, but it was difficult to write a program in machine language, so assembly language was created and a translator was made to translate assembly language into machine language, which translates assembly language into machine language.  Yes, it is called assembler.

Compiler and interpreter

Compiler and Interpreter is a program that converts a program written in a high-level programming language into machine language.  Programs written in high-level computer languages such as C ++, Java are called source code, the compiler converts these source codes into object code. Object codes are binary codes that the computer can understand or say, compiler and interpreter. High-level programming  Serves to convert the language to a low-level programming language.

What is application software?

 After system software, the most important software is application software, inside it comes all the major software on which the user works.

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Application software is called such programs, which are made to perform the main work based on our computer.  Different types of software are created according to the need.  Software is created by software programmers keeping in mind the needs of big companies and users.

Application software is the software through which the computer and the user communicate.  Application software cannot communicate directly with the hardware.  Such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Paint, Calculator, Wordpad, Notepad etc.

 For example, if you want to prepare a document, then MS Word is used for that, photo related work is done, then Photoshop is used for that and if you want to watch a video, then media player is used for that.

Types of application software

Application software is divided into two categories:-

  1.  Basic Application Software
  2.  Special Application Software
  3.  Basic Application Software

We always use this software, they are used for everyday tasks of our daily life. Any computer user must know how to use basic application software to work on computer. Some examples of this software are given below.  Are.

Word Processing Software – Word Processing Software is used for formatting text and preparing documents.

Multimedia Software – Multimedia Software is used in editing audio, video and text.

Graphic Application Software – Graphic Application Software is used to simplify complex drawings and make photos beautiful and attractive.

Entertainment Software – We use this type of software for entertainment in our daily life.

Presentation software – We use this to better display business strategies on large projectors and screens.

Gaming Software – With the help of this type of software, we can play many types of games on our computer or mobile.

Special application software

Special Application Software is also called special purpose software. These software are made for a certain purpose and special work, it is also used to achieve a certain purpose. Below are some examples of programs made for a special purpose.  are going

Accounting Software – With the help of this type of software, we can do transactions with our bank account.

Database management system – We use this type of software to keep the data safe in one place, organize it and make it available when needed.

Online Booking Software – Through this type of software, you can book tickets online, hotel, rail, bus, plane etc.

Educational Software – This type of software provides education related content to the student.

What is utility software? 

Utilities are a type of service program that are used to maintain the performance and functionality of the computer or it is useful to maintain and increase the efficiency of the system.

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We call these helper programs.  This software is specially made to manage computer hardware, application software and operating system. Below are some examples of utility software.

All those programs or software which are used for repairing or maintenance of computer, all those software are called utility programs.

File management program

We use this type of program to organize files in the computer.  This program helps any user to do some work related to data.  Operations like saving or deleting the file, editing the data in the file and changing its location, changing the name of the file, etc. are included.

 In this, many files can be managed and many files can also be stored in a folder, along with that we can also get any one file by searching.  Because of all this work a user can do the file very easily.

File compression program

 By using this program, we can reduce the size of the file in our computer, so that the storage capacity of the computer’s drive can be increased.  Some of the most popular file compression programs for Windows operating systems are Winrar, 7-Zip, etc.  With the help of these programs, a user can compress the data very easily.

Backup and Recovery Tools

This program saves the data of your computer system in electronic form.  If any of your files or data gets corrupted due to any reason, then with the help of these programs, you can also get back your files or data.

 Backup Utilities makes a backup of the data kept in your computer at some other place.  This data is present in your Microsoft One Drive and Google Drive, etc. some major cloud storage in which our data is saved.  Apart from this, you can get back your deleted data using the recovery tool.

Security program

Virus can affect our computer in many ways such as Trojans, worms, spyware etc.  Due to these viruses, a user may have to suffer a lot.  Even computer data can be stolen.

 In such a situation, the computer needs different types of software utilities to avoid these malwares.  This type of software protects us from the threats coming from online.  These include antivirus, network, firewall etc to name a few.

Disk Cleaner & Disk Management Tools

While using a computer, a lot of data gets created in the computer’s drive, which we also call temporary files.  As we keep on using the computer, data keeps on getting generated in the computer and this data gets accumulated in large quantities.

 Due to which the performance of the computer starts slowing down and the storage of the computer also starts filling up.

So “Disk Cleaners” are required to delete these files.  These programs find the useless and useless files or data of our system and delete them from Disk.


 What is software?

 Those parts of computer which can be seen but cannot be touched are called computer software.  Computer software is a set of programs through which computers perform tasks.

 How many types of software are there?

 Although there are many types of software, but the software has been divided into 3 categories.  Which includes application software, system software and utility programs.

 What is the function of the software?

 Software acts as an interface between the user and the computer hardware.  Software is used to complete the work given by the user to the computer.  Without software, the computer cannot do any work.

 What is system software?

 All those software which communicate directly between the user and the computer hardware are called system software.  It mainly includes operating system, system driver, assembler and compiler etc.

 What is application software?

 All those software which communicate between the user and the operating system are called application software.  Application software does not communicate directly with the computer hardware.  Application software includes Notepad, Wordpad, MS Office, Paint etc.

 What is utility program?

 All those software which are used for repairing or maintaining the computer are called utility programs.  Examples of utility programs include software such as Disk Defragmenter, Disk Cleanup, PC Doctor, Partition Recovery, etc.

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